Midtown Radio & Records Join Forces with Monty to Establish Joint Venture Label

May 2, 2022

Midtown Radio & Records Join Forces with Monty to Establish Joint Venture Label


NEW YORK, NY – MAY 2 – Today, Midtown Radio & Records announces the start of a new Joint Venture Record company with Diamond selling recording artist Monty(co-founding member of the Remy Boyz), which includes Artist Development, Management, Publishing, Distribution, and Promotion. 

The New York-based company that has been formed, 93 Records Inc, will provide young artists the development, management, and coaching that they need. This company will have the full reach of Midtown Radio & Records established promotion company, and 93 records also on a distribution partnership with WHOMAG/Sony Orchard.

The pair met through Monty's publicist, Tuesday Thomas, who also has a background in independent artist management. Tapping into her artist management instincts, Tuesday arranged a meeting with Monty, Midtown, and herself in hopes to establish a plan for Monty's music career as an artist but the trio devised a plan that went beyond that.

"We are thrilled to partner with Monty because he is an artist who has experienced the extreme highs and the extreme confusions that come with success. We believe that Monty is the perfect role model for young artists. Monty's poise and maturity will allow him to communicate with upcoming musicians who struggle with common new artist problems" said Michael DeBarge, President of Midtown Radio & Records. We want to be known as the leaders of transparency in the digital age of music. When I first met Monty it was very clear that he had a goal. He wanted to change the stigma around "production deals." This label, 93 Records, looks forwards to spending the time on artist development and contractual education so the artist can move forward efficiently. Midtown Radio and Records believes in Monty's vision and we are dedicated to funneling our resources to all of the artists at 93 Records Inc."

"Artists need a path to create and retain equity to continue to perform at a high level. Eliminating unnecessary financial and career burdens will free artists of stress and allow them to focus and cultivate their gifts," said David Ruffin Jr, Head A&R of Midtown Radio & Records. 

The goal of 93 Records is to provide an outlet for an artist who wants to create and learn about the business the right way. “It’s imperative to give artists equal opportunity to showcase their talents, “said Monty.

"This partnership is exciting because we get to create music history while working with music history. Monty's contributions helped shape the sound of the last decade. it is important to motivate people, give them a home base, and cultivate them into stars without the unnecessary hassle, said Daimen Carter, Vice President of Midtown Radio & Records." The announcement of this Joint venture is a reflection of Midtown’s character and its commitment to creating a lane for all incredible artists who want to retain ownership and control of their content.”