February 5, 2024


The Label of Rome, GA's #1 Ranked Male solo Artist teases his debut album

ATLANTA, GA – FEBUARY 5 –Daimen Carter is making his return.

In 2018 Daimen Carter burst onto the Atlanta Music scene with Urban/Pop crossover record "We're OK".  He followed that up with a campy Halloween Tune in 2019 "Chasin' which charted on mediabase. But since the start of the pandemic it appeared that Daimen all but stopped making music. Outside of a feature here or there we didn't hear much at all from Daimen. But on Jan 19th 2024 that all changed. Daimen Carter dropped a version of Olivia Rodrigo's "Traitor". At first we assumed that this was just a cover record, however the record began to gain radio play traction and has been climbing the Digital Radio Tracker Indie Top 150 charts. Shortly after noticing that, I did some internet sleuth work and looked up Carter's instagram to find that he has finally started posting again.

Daimen posted a video highlighting all of his behind work while on this Musical Hiatus. It Turns out Daimen has been working behind the scenes on several Billboard chart topping projects.  The deeper I dove the bigger the statuses of the artists got. Daimen has been collaborating in one way or another with a plethora of indie artists including names like Miss Vicky, Melissa B & David Ruffin Jr. The deeper we dug we then found out that Daimen had something to do with Corey Feldman's "Love Returns" vinyl and his Boxset. After our search was over we discovered that Daimen Carter, in the most lowkey of ways, is now the Vice President of Midtown Radio & Records inc/Sony.  We called the office number listed on their website and they confirmed that Daimen Carter is in the final stages of his album.

He simply was waiting for the world and (performance) venue restrictions to end. (referencing the restrictions from the pandemic). When I asked for more info about the Carter project the voice on the phone simply said; "That's as much as I'm at liberty to say."  I was left wondering... Why would Daimen Carter release an Olivia Rodrigo song? She is a Songwriter? could "Traitor" have been originally intended for Daimen? The arrangement and the way his interpretation of the song sounds so intrinsically Daimen that the listener is left to wonder.... that is until someone speaks up.

Contributed by: Jackie Oliver


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